Afternoon Nola!

Hi friends! And new friends! Just a quick dose of cuteness to get you through the afternoon! IMG_6743

While Skyway Living is mostly about having fun with home design trends, I can’t help but to sneak in a few shots of my adorable pup, Ms. Nola. Douglas and I adopted her from Secondhand Hounds last August, and we’ve been in love ever since. She’s got this goofy underbite (see above) that makes me smile on the daily, so as much as possible (without being one of those people) I’ll share some of the adventures we have this sassy dog.

To get us all acquainted with Ms. Nola, here are some of my favorite pics of her from the last 9 months:


Don’t worry– I’m sure she got back at us for this photo. Probably with a few well timed farts.


We look pretty chill in this photo. And also a little fat. I say that with love! Good thing we have bikini season coming up to get us motivated! And if I find a doggy bikini, I will buy it. And share photos with you all. I’m a giver to the world!


What a cute sock monkey! And Nola looks adorable too! ;P Wasn’t that a fun little rhetorical surprise?!

Jokes, man.


I looked everywhere for an appropriately sized cowgirl hat in pink. I think she got some of her hound friends to eat them. What a scamp!

Okay, I’ll stop for now!

XOXO DoggieSlobbers,


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