Whales do not make good restaurants


When I was a little kid, I used to have daydreams about becoming best-friends with a giant whale (I named her Sally). And after the whale would die (from natural causes!), I’d open a restaurant inside of her. Because who wouldn’t want to have a meal (no whale though) inside of a large dead mammal? I mean, it would obviously be decorated very stylishly, but it’s still a little twisted, right? At the time, it was all a very classy affair! 

So now that I’m an adult (and no longer a demented freaky ginger child), I only daydream about bringing whales inside my home rather than the other way around. That’s maturity! And luckily, whales are so hot right now! Just look at these adorable home accessories:

whales1. The Whale by Terry Fan was inspired by Moby Dick– and it’s also likely where I got the idea for a giant whale restaurant. I’ve recently learned that whales aren’t actually that big, so my entire childhood was a lie. Thanks for nothin’ Herman Melville! At least this print is cute!

2. You can find these happy whale trays at Dot & Bo. I know that whales don’t actually smile, but I guess these are cuter than resting bitch face whale trays. Seriously, look at a real whale– kind of a grump! But we love em’ anyway! Just like we do with Regis Philbin!

3. Are you planning to get your picnic on soon? Well, if so, buy these square whale paper plates right now! You’ll be the classiest dame at the beach, or at the park, or at the mud bogging pig roast… I don’t know what you people do. Just do you, girl. And bring these plates!

4. Whale-of-a-Tale Bookends from Domino are sure to class up any space. Use them to showcase the books you still haven’t read! Which is all of them! Don’t lie! You just thought the cover was cute, didn’t you?

5. A good way to incorporate whales into your modern home is with this bamboo whale clock, available at Dot & Bo. Finally, a whale that doesn’t smile! It’s still pretty darn adorable though– and what other animal could we say that for? A cat with no mouth? Shudder.

6. As we all know, I’m a tea towel addict— so I have to be picky with which towels I add to my collection. Haha, just kidding! I’ll buy em’ all! And that’s why I’m buying like four of the Whale’s Tale Towel from Dot & Bo. So bright, modern, and classic!

7. I LOOOOOVE this whale sheet set from West Elm. It’s subtle and stylish– perfect for classy people like us. I’m ordering a set, and I can’t wait to show you how stylish I am 😛

Okay friends, enjoy the rest of your humpback (that’s a whale!) hump day! And remember, camels don’t own Wednesdays!

XOXO sidehug dryhump airkiss,


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