Apparently there is something in the news about balls, so it got me thinking… about balls. How is this different from any other day, you ask? Well it’s not, my fellow ball lover (you know it’s true)! And to prove my affinity for balls, I decided to take some pretty pictures of them:


I used my CB2 balls, which they call “bubble spheres” because they are classier than I am, as a bud vase! And if I’m being honest, I hadn’t even thought about using the spheres as a vase… even though there’s a hole in them. I’m still trying to figure out what the hole is for (I haven’t said that in awhile). In any event, I’m glad we’re all talking and thinking about balls! Go balls!



IMG_6885So, basically, I love balls. And you should too. Show me your balls! And how you decorate with them.

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