Fierce Flower Fridays!


Happy Friday, Fiercelings! Welcome to this week’s edition of Fierce Flower Fridays! This week, I’m getting into the Mother’s Day spirit with some big fat peonies from

So, I’m pretty sure that these limited edition peonies were meant for actual mothers on Mother’s Day. And while some might say I have a motherly spirit, I ain’t got no babies (or a uterus, but let’s not quibble)! But that’s okay because I’m dedicating these flowers to all of you mommas out there (including to my momma! hi momma!)! Y’all kick some serious ass on the daily, and you deserve more than one day to celebrate your fabulosity (I can’t believe that’s a real word!). Also, equal work for equal pay.

IMG_7043 IMG_7038

These babies were just tight little bulbs when I put them in water yesterday, and now they are flamboyant bursts of heaven! Just like Beyonce at the Superbowl! And where are Kelly and Michelle, you ask?!

Under the stage, that’s where! Probably eating Kraft Services with Tina and Solange!

Basically, what I’m saying is, peonies are the Beyonce of the flower world. They don’t need no baby’s breath or tiger lilies up on stage with them!


“Okay, you can go. Bye, Felicia. Or whatever your name is.”

IMG_7036 IMG_7025

See what I mean? BEYONCE! POW BAM!


Okay, friends! Have a fierce Friday! And don’t forget to thank your mommas for birthin’ you!

XOXO SideHug AirKiss MomHighFive,


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