Cheap Ass Sundays: Mother’s Day Edition


Happy Mother’s Day, my fellow cheap asses! I dedicate this post to all you cheap moms out there! And remember, just because you’re cheap, you don’t have to be unhip! 

If there’s one thing I know about being a mom, it’s that it’s hard ass work, so this week let’s talk cheap but stylish wine accessories– because, as we all know, alcohol solves all of life’s problems!


A. We all get a little sloppy now and then, but a classy lady is always prepared! That’s why this wine emergency stain kit, available at Dot & Bo, is a must for the cool mom on the go! It’s only $9.99 so there’s no excuse not to have one in your lady bags. And as a plus, you can probably use it to clean up vomit and blood!

B. This wine stopper looks like a bathtub plug, which is not only adorable, but is also a good way to remind yourself to take a nice bubble bath now and then. So, grab a bottle of Gamay Rouge, lock the door behind you, and enjoy some sippin’ and solitude! If you need to, drop your kids off at the Duggars for a few hours, I’m sure someone with a J name will watch them!


C. The Universal Expert wine rack from West Elm is only $24.99! This is easily the best deal of the week! It’s simple and modern– plus, it’s the perfect size to hide in your closet or laundry room. Sneak a drink, girl! You wipe too many butts not to drink!

D. The Figaro decanter from Crate and Barrel is gorgeous. And because this sleek beauty is only $19.99, you won’t have to steal it! What’s classier than not stealing? I’m not sure!


Okay moms, have a wonderful day full of love and wine! And, remember, someday you’ll be able to drink with your children–which means you’ll never be alone at the bar! Now that’s classy!

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