Do I want this crap?

crapOoooh boy, do I have some crap for you this month! And as a bonus, we’re deciding between three wonderful tchotchkes instead of the usual boring two! It’s like a less messy ménage à trois up in here!

First this month, we have the Jurassic Terrarium from

Pro: This DIY kit allows you to create your own Jurassic Park, which is basically a lifelong dream. It comes with everything you need to grow actual plants… like, I think they’re alive or something! FUN! Plus, dinosaurs. Need I say more? (Probably).

Con: I can barely keep myself properly hydrated, how can I be trusted with a Jurassic plant?! Plus, it probably needs special water with mosquito amber juice or something! Furthermore, and more importantly, I’m afraid you people will judge me if I buy this! A bunch of Judge Judys out there! I get enough side-eye from my dog and husband, I don’t need it from you!


Our second doohickey of the month is this Chihuahua pillow from

Pro: It looks a lot like my dog, Ms. Nola. And she’s pretty adorable, so why not introduce another little dog into our home? What could possibly go wrong? (A tremendous amount).

Con: Its eyes follow you throughout the room– I already have one cheeky chihuahua following me wherever I go, do I really need another one? Also, it’s kind of creepy, right? The only thing more disturbing would be a pillow with my face on it. Can you imagine? “Hi friend entering my home, would you like to sit on my face?” SHUDDER.


Finally this month, we’ve got the Open Up Hippo Container, available at Dot & Bo.

Pro: I’d never turn my nose up at more storage containers! You know, for all the crap I buy. Also, if you’ve ever seen anything cuter than this hippo, let me know so that I can give you a high five and a frisky hug. SO CUTE I WANNA SCREAM!

Con: I don’t already own it!


Alright, so don’t hold back, friends! Let me know what you think about this crap. I’m prepared to buy all three of these doodads, but I need your professional opinions– your very special snowflake opinions. You. Are. Special.

Happy voting!

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