Good design, bad design


[Left: cotton and bamboo stripes 18″ pillow from CB2, Right: sod pillow from Dot & Bo]

Oh hello there. It’s me again (me is Jeremy). And I’m here to help you stay classy and sassy! That’s right, it’s time for another installment of Good Design, Bad Design!  This month, pastels are making me smile, while sod is making me grumpy (and a little gassy).

As always, let’s start with the bad news, mkay? And the no good very bad news is that people are now decorating with sod. Sod, as in patches of grass. Grass, as in the green stuff your dog poops on. Now, I’m not totally against grass, it has its place– which is outside. Seriously, go crazy with the grass outside! Plant it! Roll around in it! Put it on your outdoor furniture. Just please don’t bring it inside. But I guess some people like to feel that they’re on a golf course while they watch TV and drink a warm Mountain Dew.

And here are just a few of the grassy NOOOOOO’s out there right now:


The top image is a DYI project from Lion Brand. Go for it, if you must. I hope your cat likes its new litter box! The other items from left to right are: Natural Elements Rug in Sea Grass, Dogzzz Grass Green Dog Bed, and Grass EVA Shower Curtain.

And now, because I am beacon of light and airy wind-ness to you people, let’s talk about a design trend I’m loving…

Maybe it’s because I’m so happy it’s spring or maybe I’m just easily persuadable (yes), but I am crushing hard on pastels right now. I see pastels everywhere I go and, admittedly, they can be too much, but in the right context they really perk up a space!

Here are a few adorable pastel accessories I obsessed with this month:


A. Pastels can be cute even in the kitchen! This SMEG toaster from West Elm makes me want to cook breakfast every morning! Or make my husband make me breakfast! Somebody’s gonna make me something, dammit! I’d even keep this toaster out on the counter for all to see, which is something I’m normally against.

B. The Spring Swatches pillow cover from Dot & Bo is so pretty. And while pretty isn’t exactly my style, I think this pillow could work if it had a solid grey or blue throw to balance it out. In any event, I feel like I could breath in those colors, they are so light and airy!

C. Instead of that awful grass shower curtain I showed you earlier, how about this Geometric Mountain curtain instead? It’s sleek and modern, and would look great in any bathroom, no matter the color scheme. What I love most about pastels is that because they are so soft, you can get away with blending a lot of different colors together in a way you cannot do with bold or dark colors. So go crazy, kids! Just don’t get it in your hair!

D. Much like the Geometric Mountain show curtain, the Lotus Rug from CB2 uses an array of pastels in a way that looks clean and modern. This rug also has a masculine touch, even though it uses some typically feminine colors– and this I love, because basically that’s me.

Also, as an aside, down with the gender binary! And the patriarchy! No more heteronormative bullshit please! Thank you!

Okay, so what do you think of pastels? Are they a passing spring fad, or are they here to stay? And how about sod? Keep it outside, or bring it in to confuse your dog? And how much grass indoors is too much? Is one sod pillow okay? Where do we stop? Why not just cover all of your hardwood floors with lawn? Would that make you happy?! I know my dog would love it (to poop and pee on… and then rub in it, for some weird and disgusting reason).

Alrightie, that’s all,

XOXO Sidehug Airkisses,


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