Urban Jungle Realness!


Since I’m a barren spinster, my only babies are these tiny little itty bitty plants. Okay, I do have a husband and a diva dog too, but these precious greens are way more dependent on my fatherly instincts.

Friends, let me tell you, I literally spent several dozen minutes potting, watering, and cooing at these plants this morning– how exhausting! The least they can do for me now is not die! I won’t hold my breath though– mainly because I don’t want to die, but also because plants tend not to last very long in my household. Hopefully these low-maintenance cuties will stick around for a bit!

IMG_7348This sexy pink cactus is planted in a mini mint bowl from CB2, and is resting on one of my new happy whale trays from Dot & Bo. So cute! Please don’t die, Mr. Cactus!

IMG_7351 IMG_7354

The rest of my tiny plants ended up in these hanging glass terrariums from CB2. Apparently, I’m not very good at spatial reasoning though because the plants are packed very tightly into the containers. Just grow in right angles, little ones!


Using a tension rod from Target (that I glam’ed up a little bit, of course!), I hung the terrariums in one of my living room windows. So far, no one has died, and it all looks very classy. Let’s just hope I remember to water them… can y’all remind me?IMG_7369 IMG_7376 IMG_7389 IMG_7379

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