Oh that Target


Other than being the dispensary for my pharmaceuticals (for which I am very thankful), Target also happens to be a grade A outlet for home decor. In recent years, Target has also been pumping out affordable and on trend items from designers like Nate Berkus and Lilly Pulitzer. And, as you well know, I am obsessed with all the goodies I find there.

Seriously, I spend so much time standing in the aisles with a manic grin on my face that I’m sure the security guards have a nickname for me… “oh here comes The Dazed Fairy again”… or “yo, Blinky McShopsTooMuch is at 5 o’clock. Gird your loins.” Well, alls I gots to say is, you bitches better get used to it. Mr. FartsInTheCandleAisle is here to stay!

(As an aside, if you expel your gas in the candle aisle, you can easily blame the smell on the cheap candles– “oh my, that Ocean Mist smells like a fart.” Works every time. JFYI.)

Okay, so other than the candles that mask my flatulence, what the hell else did I buy at Target this week? Well, as it were, it was quite a fruitful week for me:



These adorable little trays were on clearance for $6.48 for a set of two. I believe they were a Mother’s Day gift item because they were on an end-cap with some leftovers related to the holiday (basically, you people did not buy enough crap for your mothers… shame!). I can’t find them online, but if you get to the store ASAP, I’m sure you’ll find them. They were by that one aisle… you know, the one next to the guy with hair and hands… oh hell, just look for the red stickers!


Moving on… Chesapeake Bay candles and diffusers are very hit or miss (See: fart) for me, but the Pear & Mint scent is gorgeous. I like it so much, it’s pulling double duty in my house. It’s clean, but slightly floral– vurrrry nice! A+

IMG_7423 IMG_7425

I’m all about whales right now! Everything’s coming up whales! Candleholders! Sheet sets! Containers! Trays! Underwear! Tampons! I NEVER GO OVERBOARD WITH ANYTHING!

I think I can be excused for buying this cutie though. The Ceramic Whale Dish by Threshold has been on my shopping list for some time, so when I saw it on sale, I jumped on it faster than a hipster with dadbod would down a craft cocktail! (That’s so fast!)


And finally this week, I had to add to my Nate Berkus collection with this gorgeous golden vase. The Round Geo Vase is star! A star I tell ya! It shines bright like a diamond, but it’s not ostentatious at all! Just like you, my beautiful readers!

Alright, people, have fun this weekend! And show me all the cute stuff you find at Target!

XOXO SideHug AirKisses GentleTap,


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