A DC Refresh!


Hello Friends! I’m back from a fabulous trip to our Nation’s Capitol wherein I danced (sexily), laughed (a lot), cried (not really), and barfed (a little)! I had a good time is what I’m trying to say. 

Other than the gorgeous wedding I attended, the highlight of my trip was decorating my best friend and his wife’s living room in their new home. I’d like to take this time to thank Brett and Holly (and little Ellie) for, one, trusting me to do this and, two, for the no-holds-barred trip to Homegoods that made me feel like I was a fun and quirky contestant on Supermarket Sweepstakes (you know the type).

Basically, what I discovered is that I really like shopping with other people’s money. Please let me know if I can assist you with this. I’m sure this is a unique and important talent that I can share with the world. Thank you for your consideration. Thank you. Have a good day.

So, let’s take a look at their living space before I got my hands on it:


The mid-century modern couch that Holly just bought is a perfect backdrop for some fun pillows and throws! Essentially, the couch just needs some friends! Some colorful friends! Like the friend from Minnesota staying in your basement! He is SO fun! Just make sure you don’t feed him after midnight.

And here’s how I spruced up this classic sofa:


The spring-like pastels really work with this bright and open space. Good job, pastels, you flirty bastards! Also, I am obsessed with this rug. OBSESSED. Brett and Holly are lucky I did not take it with me when I left. (I did try, admittedly– it didn’t fit under my shirt. That pesky third nipple always gets in the way!).



This fun and utilitarian ottoman was picked out by Holly– it serves as a coffee table, foot rest, and storage unit. Essentially, it’s the EGOT of the furniture world. Look at it dance and sing!


Similar to the Perfect Throw from West Elm, this blanket is light and fluffy. I have like 12 in all the colors. All of them.


Next up, I worked over the mantle…

A fireplace is one of the things I yearn for most– well, it’s really the mantle I’m after. You see, besides being a Christmas stocking holder, a mantle is the most perfect place to store your fun tchotchkes. And we all know how much I like my crappy doodads. So, I was very excited to put some precious junk on Brett and Holly’s mantle.

Here are some before shots:




And now for the after:



Man, I love balls. Every mantle should have some balls.




These adorable tchotchkes are not from Homegoods, but it’s important to incorporate what you already have into a new space. Make it feel like home and all that jazz.


Geodes are so hot right now. And magnifying glasses are always in because they are fun to put up to your eye and pretend you have a giant eye. Good times.



Some of my favorite items from Homegoods are the vintage toys that are solely for decorative purposes. I was so excited Brett and Holly let my buy this plane. But don’t you dare play with it, Brett! (But Ellie can. I trust her.).

And the final area in the main living space that we freshened up was this beautiful and classy piano. Something I’m not nearly adult enough to have in my own home. Play that funky music white boy! (That’s me!).

Here’s the before shot:


And now the delicious additions:


IMG_4379 Holly, a Navy vet, allowed me to incorporate some nautical elements, like this propeller, into the space. I adore it’s placement here. And it’s actually the only item we purchased from Homegoods that day– the rest are things Brett and Holly already had. When redecorating, always start with stuff you already have. Check your closets, your attics, your back alleys, your children’s noses. Wherever. I promise you will find stuff you forgot you had!IMG_4378 IMG_4377 IMG_4376 Again, THANK YOU BRETT AND HOLLY AND ELLIE FOR TRUSTING MY STYLE DECISIONS, THEY MUST LIKE WHAT I DID BECAUSE THEY ARE SO HAPPY. SEE:


Happy Holly:


And happy Brett:IMG_4394And aren’t they a beautiful couple of people? So scrumptious. Just like their new living room.

Yay! Okay, there’s more fun to come on Skyway Living. Stay tuned.

Love you XOXO butterflykisses,


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