Whales and other summer tail tales!

IMG_7741Well, hello there! So sorry to be away, but I’ve been a very busy boy doing some very busy things like vacations, family visits, ketchup facials, and business transactions. In any event, I apologize for neglecting Skyway Living! And all of you, my fierce readers! But, rest assured, I’m back and ready to paaaarrrrty!

As you might remember, I’ve been really obsessed with incorporating whales into my home decor lately. I just love a good whale-tail, what can I say? And so, it’s only natural that whales have made their way into my bedroom. Don’t worry, nothin’ kinky!IMG_7732

IMG_7740As you can see, my new whale sheets have inspired a nautical vibe in my boudoir. Which is pretty cool, I guess. I don’t really consider myself much of a beachy person (mainly because the sun is my sworn enemy), so the subtle nautical theme is a bit of a fresh experience for me! And I really like freshness! So, yeah.

Anywhosiewhoseyourdaddy, here are some of the items that have brought this look together:

Summer Freshness

1. Whale Sheet Set, Platinum 2. Convivial Link Outdoor Blanket 3. Organic Plisse Blanket 4. Nomad Coverlet 5. Zigzag Pillow

All of items were legally acquired from West Elm. I must have been in a good mood. Or I had a coupon. You know how I do.

Alright, so I hope you’re having a great summer so far! If not, that’s not my problem! Call your mom– she’s cares.

Until later & Sideboob Sidehug Eyelashkisses,


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