Thank you for the sales!


Now that I’m on a budget (THANKS OBAMA), I’ve been extra cheap. Like licking the ketchup out of the packets cheap. I ain’t wastin’ nothing! Espeicaly, that sweet tomatoey goodness that I put on everything. I’d even put it on your mom. Fair warning. 

Anyway, there are a couple of places that I can count on for low low prices. This week, I turn to CB2 to satisfy my home accessories addiction. 

These two items have extra meaning because they are a part of a secret. I have a secret! Can you believe it? Me, a person with a secret? I never! Don’t worry though, I will share this secret with you soon. But not now. That’s what makes it a secret. You understand.

The Kastor Vase is currently $16.95-– I love the juxtaposition of the plain white color with the geodesic and chaotic design. It’s classy yet modern.

The Frosted Green Bottle, which is only $9.95, is the most perfect color ever. Somewhere between blue and green is where I live my life, and this vase represents that to me. Too deep?


These two trays are so adorable, I could cry. But I won’t. Because that’s a ridiculous thing to cry about. Right?

The Oliver Rainbow Gummy Bears Appetizer Plate is pretty cute and cheap, $2.95. It’s also in honor of Pride. So, two of my favorite things– gay pride and gummy bears? Yes, please.

The Oliver Microgreens Appetizer Plate makes me want to eat more greens. But since a diet is so stressful, I’ll need to snack on some gummy bears first. Be glad you’re not my dietitian is all I have to say.

Under the plates, are the Silver Stripes Placemats, which are on sale for $2.95. I’ve got a lot of color going on in my home, so I need more neutral items to balance out the crazy. So, these placemats are like valium for my home decor. “Keep it down, Jeremy,” they say.


I can’t get enough of these candle holders, even though I rarely light pillar candles. Too messy. And they don’t smell. They’re still cute though.

The Hedgehog candle holder is frickin adorable and it adds to my collection of CB2 animal candle holders. I’ve also got a white whale and a blue dinosaur (he’s my favorite… don’t tell the others). On sale for $1.99, it was hard to say no to Mr. Hedgehog.

I’m in lust with the color of the Kalisi candle holders, which is somewhere between a Papa Smurf and Gumby. Basically, perfect. They are on sale for $1.99 each.


I found this pitcher at Ikea for only $6.99, and I could not resist. It’s a new item, and I’m sure it’s about to pop up in a million dorm rooms across America. That’s what she said.


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